Herlock/Harlock:Origin of a name

MechaGojira brought up something that made me think for once, Why Herlock and not Harlock?I explained in many posts, that sounded pretty hostile (sorry gojira) but, I ask Gojira and many people on the backloggery to look here if they have any questions about my name (if they care).My name is Herlock, the show based off my name in some iterations is called Harlock. However, when Geneon relaeased Captain Herlock:the Endless Odyssey the name was changed. I was using Harlock for short while before this however since the show is very popular among Otaku types my name would get taken
and would have to change.

Luckily, the name Herlock was used by the newer versions of the show in Japan (like the one I mentioned above) however that sort of thing gets under the craw of Hardcore Otaku types and me being the easy going anime fan I snatched the name knowing that Otakus are just too stubborn take a name change lightly. Over the years I used it for my Message board accounts and gamertags, when I noticed the name Harlock was not being used a lot I thought I would make the change back to Harlock however, the name Herlock was so well known with my friends and to be honest I just grown to like the name and officially stuck with name.

Its’ pretty funny to think I would ever be the this situation but, I am glad Gojira brought it up its’ really made me look back on the things I’ve done over the years with the name Herlock/Harlock and one thing I’ve never done was take a look back on the name that I’m known by many people on the internet, it was a fun trip down memory lane. I implore anyone reading this to stop and think about their name, not your real name but, the name that you are more well known by on the internet.Think about the time you saw that character or a name that sounds weird (what the fuck is an Endaso) and think about how the name stuck with you (favorite character, nickname) and after your done thinking you have your Origin.


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