BIG Backloggery Comic Update 08-13-09

Alright, Time for a big Update I shall be typing Everyone who’s name is in the comic and their name (if available) and if your name is not on here or I left you out on the credits please PM on backlog or leave a comment on this blog:

First the staff:

Writer:  Capt. Herlock  (With help from Loco, NewGenious and Derkomai)

Artist: Eltipejoloco


Paperlink: Paper

Sobou (thorbou)

Gendo7:  Gendo

Noi: Crazy Ninja

Johnct311: John the robot

Thrallia: Evil billionaire guy

EiuPaladin356: Everyman Corps Member 356

ierebus: Everyman Corps Member 380

Drumble: Captain Drumble the game master?

Lyndis: Lyndis?

Dystorce: Dan

Try4ce: Try

MinhTgreenT: Minty

Worlddude: Takeovertheworlddude

ResidentEmo: Wonderemo

Stuffedge: General Stuffedge

Endaso: Robots

polymetrica (kibou): Robots

Derkomai: Derk von Wolfenburg

Metman: Evil Aquaman

bulfin: Metman’s boy sidekick

NewGenious: NG

Xavean: Everyman Corps Member 1

Charles_Black: Cameo appearance

Amyawesome7: cameo

Belmontheir: Backlog Yellow

Ashen: Backlog Red

Mokujinjitsu: Backlog Black

Meimi: The Evil Meimi

Sainttweeter: tweeter the robot

Saix_xiii: Saix

Captain Quincy: Quincy

Eltipejoloco: Loco

Capt. Herlock: Herlock


Like I said before if your name isn’t in here and it should be contact me through backlog or the comments on here


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