Top Ten King of Fighters Characters

After the appalling Game Informer Top Ten Fighting game Characters list I have decided to make my own list from multiple different series. First one being the King of Fighters games you my not like it but, I’m going to do one anyway. Number 10!

10. Kyo Kusanagi- One of my favorites and not much to say about him really he is just cool

9. Iori Yagami- Kyo’s enemy and overall badass of the series Iori plays a big role in KOF making his place on this list required

8. Terry Bogard- It’s Terry Fucking Bogard if he wasn’t on this list I’d shoot my self, Terry is the old timer and Mentor to his greatest enemy’s son, Rock Howard

7. Joe Higashi- Like Dan from SF only he doesn’t suck and is actually one of the best fighter’s in the game oddly enough he was the most awesome in CvS2 (Capcom vs SNK2)

6. Duck King- There is a reason Duck King is my Xbox Live avatar he is easily one of my favorite characters and I don’t think he is that important to the story but , he is just awesome.

5. Ash Crimson-  World’s most powerful trap, he walks and acts like a chick but, don’t underestimate this ladyboy he’ll beat your ass with his Guile Style of play (also another one of my favorites.)

4. Rock Howard- Son of Geese Howard, Trained by Terry and also one of the most popular Fighting game characters out there.

3. Ryo Sakazaki- I may not like Ryo but, he deserves a spot on the list for for being in the First KOF tournament and busting up bad guys to save his sister However, ever since SNK re-did the time line I’m not sure anymore but, whatever.

2. Geese Howard- This guy is an ass, Kills Andy and Terry’s father and tries to become Immortal but, Terry kicks his ass twice finally killing him the second time.

1. Rugal Bernstein- Talk about a bad guy, made arms and still wanted more power, Died only to came back as Omega Rugal and was killed by his own evil powers. this guy was just made of pure evil.

And there you go, If you don’t like it I don’t care.


1 Response to “Top Ten King of Fighters Characters”

  1. 1 mokujinjitsu August 21, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Like I said, it is a solid and respectable list! I worked on mine last night, but it won’t be posted until my blog gets its overhaul. Which should be in the near future! Expect to be disappointed by my selections though! :up:

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