Top Ten Street Fighter Characters

Ok, next My Top Ten list will be Street Fighter and it will hopefully make SF2 fans happy because they rule the list so Now I shall make the list

10. Yun and Yang- I like these guys, They are the  two coolest characters in in Third Strike. PERIOD.

9. Dhalsim- It’s the yoga man, when I saw this guy in the arcade I shit my self, basically if you want to be a bitch and run away he will stretch  and kick your ass! and that is why you don’t be a bitch. NEXT!

8. Guile- First Charge Character and first turtle Character and……………………he’s American! FUCK YEAH!

7. Ken- a clone but, with a more deadly punch then Ryu and Ryu’s best bud this guy will always be on a top ten list

6. Dan- because he’s Dan GODDAMNIT!!

5. Sagat- The first boss of Street Fighter and Ryu’s Deadly rival the king of Muai Thai is still one of the most deadly characters in Street Fighter game to this day.

4. Chun-Li- she has to be here, she is the first playable female character in fighting games and one of the fastest characters in the game

3. M. Bison (Dictator)- this guy is just pure evil and he will kill you with Psycho Crusher and is the center of a lot of the conflicts going on in SF.

2. Vega (Claw)- this one was tough and a lot of people would disagree however, I think Vega has such a unique design I can’t ignore him and his whole personally is just classic.

1. Ryu- this comes at no surprise, Ryu is THE original Street Fighter and he never stops training. He gained a lot of recognition (in the in-game story)   when he defeated Sagat and Scarred his chest with the Shoryuken. Ryu travels the world and defeats anyone who picks a fight with him but, most be careful that he does not get consumed by the Satsui no hado.

Honorable Mentions:


E. Honda





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