Herlock- Top 5 Underrated comics of the New 52

Right off the bat I’ll say I don’t read all the of the new 52 from DC so don’t get bent out of shape if your favorite comic is not the list. This is a  list of comics I feel are the most overlooked out of the new 52 and need as much attention as possible to avoid being cancelled.


5. Grifter-  A balls to the wall action comic that never has a dull moment. Grifter is also one of the few human characters in the DC Universe and one of the few who are willing to kill. Working totally underground Grifter fights his one man war on the daemonites who seem to just want to fuck his life up. Nathan Edmondson’s take on Grifter is probably the most realistic take on the character without making him boring as hell, hopefully Rob Liefeld can continue this idea when he takes over on issue 9.

4. Demon Knights- Fans of Medieval Fantasy HAVE to buy Demon Knights not only is it full of bloody action and plot twists it is also the only DC book taking place in the distant past. Demon Knights is one of the few team books that is more character driven involving Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, Shining Knight and Vandal Savage. I can’t say much with spoiling the story, but if you love Game of Thrones, Dragon Age or just plain old swords and sorcery you have to buy this book.

3. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.- Now imagine this, Frankenstein’s monster (Who they call Frankie) works for a secret organization with an HQ the size of an ant working with a team of creature commandos that include a wolfman, a vampire, a mummy and Frankie’s Ex-Wife (who is also a monster like him) that go missions to planets full of monsters. F: AoS is one of those off beat DC comics since most of it’s characters are lesser known but that’s the fun of the book the characters don’t overshadow the comic itself and each character gets enough screen time to show how awesome they are and no one gets left out. The ultimate fun of the book is the interactions between the characters and learning more about their back stories. Fans of monster films and comics have to buy this ASAP.

2. Justice League International- The best of the Justice League books, this one follows a government funded Justice League and their first mission featuring members that come from different parts of the country. The cast includes Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, August General in Iron, Godiva, Guy Gardner, Vixen and probably the best use of Batman in a team book since……ever (It is Dan Jurgens after all). I can not tell just how awesome this book I really shouldn’t have to explain it……but I will. This is the only Justice League book that has any sort of real character development each member of the team goes through an arc and actually changes over the course of the story and kudos to Dan Jurgens who does an excellent job of making me like Booster Gold again, I never want him to leave the book. Even if you don’t know the characters it doesn’t matter just read the book and you’re set, let their actions speak for themselves. For fans that like awesome team books.

1. Stormwatch- Quite possibly the best team book ever made (just barely beating out JLI……barely). Stormwatch tells the story of a team that works behind the scenes fixing world breaking problems while the planet Earth remains ignorant. The team itself is comprised of probably the most unique super heroes ever to show up in comics featuring Jack Hawksmoor, the god of cities and Harry the “prince of lies”. The beginning of the story deals with how Apollo (basically a Superman who has no problems killing bad guys) and Midnighter (whose ability can let him see the outcome of a fight before it happens) become members and how they most stop the moon from destroying the earth (yep).I can’t say much else about the book with out spoiling it but believe me when I say this book does not disappoint not even for a second.  The book also touches upon the budding romance between Midnighter and Apollo making of the few books that feature a homosexual relationship done in a very tasteful manner and doesn’t over shadow the book (Kudos to Paul Cornell). For fans who love reading good books.


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