Best and Worst redesigns of the New 52. The Worst


It’s been about two years since DC relaunched with the New 52 and I decided it was time to Look back and see the best and worst designs that spun out of it. We’ll start off with the five worst designs. 

Midnighter– Midnighter’s first costume was just………


My main problem with this is the spikes. The chin spike especially, If they would have axed the spikes and added the trenchcoat back I wouldn’t have minded. NOTE: This costume has been resigned since issue #19 of Stormwatch

Power Girl– The first Power Girl outfit was just…….


I’m sure the full body suit would have worked if it just didn’t look so damn ugly. The red and yellow parts look weird when worn by a female. They eventually went back to the old suit.

Zatanna– Yet another design that was changed recently.



I will always prefer the fishnet pantyhose look and thankfully they went back to it just recently.

Hellstrike– I really don’t like Starlin designs.



(He’s the green guy) The vest and short shorts are too 70’s and he really stands out on the team.

Red Robin– I might be alone in this one.

Red Robin


I’m not a big fan of the wings and if this wasn’t a comic they would be too cumbersome.

I’ll try to update this as more less than stellar designs come to mind.




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