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Banners over the years…..

5. The Batloggery- I have been a huge fun of the Batman and Robin comic that was just made and to show support I made a very nice plain banner incase you couldn’t tell I got rid of the batmobile in the back because it just looked lame to have it in with Batman and Robin, I felt that just the two would look nicer.

4. Ryu Banner- Just nothing but, a good picture of Ryu and some font that I liked and it’s probably the only banner I worked on the least but, there is just something about it that I just love and I didn’t even want to to mess with it,just added some SF looking font and just settled……

3. The Legend of Dhalsim: a Link to the Yoga- Ryu and Dhalsim are my favorite SF characters and when I stumbled upon this idea I saw a bunch of awesome Dhalsim pics that would look really cool if I added Link’s equipment to it. The idea of this came when I wanted to put something different on my backlog besides my usual Herlock shtick at the time and I thought Legend of Zelda would kinda cool but, it was already done like, on everyone else’s backlog and I didn’t want to fall in to just another Zelda banner group, so I got a little creative, found someone way cooler than Link and just replaced him…..with Dhalsim. In the end I was a little surprised that it turned out ok, which I was pleased with (I actually busted my ass on the hat part, you can see where I had to smudge a little on the bottom part of the hat). One more thing about this as well, it’s actually the second Legend of Dhalsim banner(The first one was ok but, this one blows it out of the water).

2.Trigun- Trigun is one of my most favorite anime’s of all time and I love the crazy way Yasohiro Nightow draws his fucking crazy action scenes in the manga so I found this image and modded it a bit, I added the text in the backgrounds and in the glasses I also did a close up on the hand since I wanted to show Vash and his face I thought his hand should be leveled with everything else….so I fixed that. This another banner that took a little time to do because I really wanted to to look nice.

1.The Infamous Cho Aniki Banner- This banner is number 1 for the shear fact that it got me noticed by a lot of people overnight (seriously). It is also on of the most ridiculous banners I have ever made and it was loved by many people (right guys?)and I like to think that I pushed a few copies of the game over Virtual Console (I know I made one person get it).I also like to think that for a time when people mentioned my name they would say “Oh, that Cho Aniki guy.” and at the time when we still had member of the week a lot people were really pulling for this banner to get me the honor but, I gotta serious for a second, do you think it would be wise to have a website where the front page links you to a page with a banner with half-naked dudes flexing (YES YES YES!!!), WAIT, WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING OF COURSE, it would be more than wise…… nah. To close it the reason this banner is number one is because a lot of the fun times I had here at this backloggery (not leaving) involved this banner or something Cho Aniki so I have to give it up to the banner that started it all.


Herlock no more?

After months of debating I have decided to get rid of the Herlock motif and focus on a new theme (you know you care).I realized that I don’t want to be limited by only Herlock and I want to branch out a do more things I might go back to Herlock later but, I need to give Him a much deserved rest.I might go for a more Comic book theme or video game theme(even though comics are my first love). Well that’s all I have to say.

Herlock plays MegaMan X?

That is right I,Herlock, just only a few days ago started to really get into MegaManX. Before I get called some stupid name invented by some introverted dork for have not playing the “Great” MegaManX let me tell you why a series as revered as Mega Man slipped through my gaming career. The first system I owned was an NES, I had only played it for about 2 years before my parents bought me a Genesis and pretty much made me Sega Man. For the 2 years I had an NES I could never find a copy of Mega Man to play and since Mega Man X was on SNES and my only friend who had an SNES never owned a copy of X and since then any interest in Mega Man just dwindled over the years. It wasn’t until 5 years ago I decided to reserve a copy of Mega Man X Collection and try to rekindle a relationship that had never been, in the end it just collected dust on my shelf. Fast forward to the present, I have been playing the first X game for a few days now, I kinda dig it, beat all the Mavericks and I’m just collecting any stuff I might have left behind.Also I’m going to beat all the games in the collection, meaning I’m going to play X6,I haven’t heard any thing positive about that game from fans but, I have to play it and while I play it, everyone will laugh at me.Also,quick sidenote, HA!! Password saves!

Herlock/Harlock:Origin of a name

MechaGojira brought up something that made me think for once, Why Herlock and not Harlock?I explained in many posts, that sounded pretty hostile (sorry gojira) but, I ask Gojira and many people on the backloggery to look here if they have any questions about my name (if they care).My name is Herlock, the show based off my name in some iterations is called Harlock. However, when Geneon relaeased Captain Herlock:the Endless Odyssey the name was changed. I was using Harlock for short while before this however since the show is very popular among Otaku types my name would get taken
and would have to change.

Luckily, the name Herlock was used by the newer versions of the show in Japan (like the one I mentioned above) however that sort of thing gets under the craw of Hardcore Otaku types and me being the easy going anime fan I snatched the name knowing that Otakus are just too stubborn take a name change lightly. Over the years I used it for my Message board accounts and gamertags, when I noticed the name Harlock was not being used a lot I thought I would make the change back to Harlock however, the name Herlock was so well known with my friends and to be honest I just grown to like the name and officially stuck with name.

Its’ pretty funny to think I would ever be the this situation but, I am glad Gojira brought it up its’ really made me look back on the things I’ve done over the years with the name Herlock/Harlock and one thing I’ve never done was take a look back on the name that I’m known by many people on the internet, it was a fun trip down memory lane. I implore anyone reading this to stop and think about their name, not your real name but, the name that you are more well known by on the internet.Think about the time you saw that character or a name that sounds weird (what the fuck is an Endaso) and think about how the name stuck with you (favorite character, nickname) and after your done thinking you have your Origin.

Why the Dreamcast is the best system ever.

The last Hardcore system?

The last Hardcore system?

To clear things up, I am not saying the new systems are bad.When I think of the my favorite times playing games I think back to the time I had my Dreamcast and playing Marvel vs Capcom 1 and Sonic Shuffle(say what you want about Sonic Shuffle, but I had fun). The Dreamcast was a system for the Hardcore and the casuals (grunts) with the excellent 2K series for sports fans and 2d fighters for fighting fans.Here is a list of Dreamcast games that even though I did not enjoy doesn’t mean they suck:
Chu Chu Rocket.

Actually, I think that is the only Dreamcast I couldn’t get into.

Anyway, I feel the console market is just too mainstream for any cool niche games cause all companies are to busy looking for the next Halo or Gears which is not a bad thing but, it shows how lazy we are now at games. We don’t like to take risks anymore, the new business strategy is if one thing is good clone it and make more money until we are sick of it. After playing Gears of War 2 I wondered how long I would be able to enjoy this, Horde was pretty cool but, you can only play horde for so long before it just gets tiresome. I don’t hate gears or Halo I’m just sick of shooters that is all we make anymore!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Dreamcast had the most variety out of any system I have ever owned and I don’t think there will ever be another one like it.