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Top Ten Street Fighter Characters

Ok, next My Top Ten list will be Street Fighter and it will hopefully make SF2 fans happy because they rule the list so Now I shall make the list

10. Yun and Yang- I like these guys, They are the  two coolest characters in in Third Strike. PERIOD.

9. Dhalsim- It’s the yoga man, when I saw this guy in the arcade I shit my self, basically if you want to be a bitch and run away he will stretch  and kick your ass! and that is why you don’t be a bitch. NEXT!

8. Guile- First Charge Character and first turtle Character and……………………he’s American! FUCK YEAH!

7. Ken- a clone but, with a more deadly punch then Ryu and Ryu’s best bud this guy will always be on a top ten list

6. Dan- because he’s Dan GODDAMNIT!!

5. Sagat- The first boss of Street Fighter and Ryu’s Deadly rival the king of Muai Thai is still one of the most deadly characters in Street Fighter game to this day.

4. Chun-Li- she has to be here, she is the first playable female character in fighting games and one of the fastest characters in the game

3. M. Bison (Dictator)- this guy is just pure evil and he will kill you with Psycho Crusher and is the center of a lot of the conflicts going on in SF.

2. Vega (Claw)- this one was tough and a lot of people would disagree however, I think Vega has such a unique design I can’t ignore him and his whole personally is just classic.

1. Ryu- this comes at no surprise, Ryu is THE original Street Fighter and he never stops training. He gained a lot of recognition (in the in-game story)   when he defeated Sagat and Scarred his chest with the Shoryuken. Ryu travels the world and defeats anyone who picks a fight with him but, most be careful that he does not get consumed by the Satsui no hado.

Honorable Mentions:


E. Honda





Top Ten Mortal Kombat Characters

Ok, on to the second list, this one will be a lot easier to handle because the characters are actually awesome and amazing back stories and I actually give a fuck about the series itself. On to the list………….

10. Sonya Blade- First lady of MK and shows up in just about every installment one of the first ladies of fighting along with Chun-li.

9. Johnny Cage- want a guy who is an ass but, can back it up when it comes to fighting?  Cage is your man, he has been dead once but, that didn’t fuckin’ stop him.

8. Kano- Australia has some of the worst people right? This leader of the Black Dragon clan is a ruthless Mother Fucker and also has a part-time job as a general is Shao Khan’s Army. HOLY SHIT.

7.Kung Lao- A shaolin Monk on the side of good and has a dope ass hat for cutting up all that Threatens Earthrealm and has skills on par with Liu Kang.

6. Kabal- Dopest looking good guy-turned-bad-guy most people forgot about him but, not me. This guy was awesome when he debuted in MK3 Then, just went missing for awhile hopefully he will show up in the new Kombat game.

5. Kitana- another character who is awesome, Kitana has just about been in every MK game sans MK Deception. Fights on the side of good and stepdaughter to Shao Kahn my my….

4. Rayden- So much shit could be put here but, I want to keep it short, Rayen is the protector of Earthrealm and fights along the side of good against Shang Tsung in the first Mortal Kombat tournament.

3. Sub-Zero- My favorite MK Character and one of the first Ninja’s to be palette-swapped. One of the original MK character to be a hit along with……….

2. Scorpion- Another popular Ninja when MK debuted and also has an awesome backstory to back it up I would explain it but, it’s a mouth full and I have to keep this small.

1. Liu Kang- I don’t  want to here what you think about Liu because he is one of the most Important main Characters in Fighting games Ever and many times saved Earthrealm from evil Sub-Zero ans Scorpion may be awesome but, Liu Kang is in his own awesome class that can’t be obtained.

There you go, if you disagree please feel free to tell me otherwise.

Top Ten King of Fighters Characters

After the appalling Game Informer Top Ten Fighting game Characters list I have decided to make my own list from multiple different series. First one being the King of Fighters games you my not like it but, I’m going to do one anyway. Number 10!

10. Kyo Kusanagi- One of my favorites and not much to say about him really he is just cool

9. Iori Yagami- Kyo’s enemy and overall badass of the series Iori plays a big role in KOF making his place on this list required

8. Terry Bogard- It’s Terry Fucking Bogard if he wasn’t on this list I’d shoot my self, Terry is the old timer and Mentor to his greatest enemy’s son, Rock Howard

7. Joe Higashi- Like Dan from SF only he doesn’t suck and is actually one of the best fighter’s in the game oddly enough he was the most awesome in CvS2 (Capcom vs SNK2)

6. Duck King- There is a reason Duck King is my Xbox Live avatar he is easily one of my favorite characters and I don’t think he is that important to the story but , he is just awesome.

5. Ash Crimson-  World’s most powerful trap, he walks and acts like a chick but, don’t underestimate this ladyboy he’ll beat your ass with his Guile Style of play (also another one of my favorites.)

4. Rock Howard- Son of Geese Howard, Trained by Terry and also one of the most popular Fighting game characters out there.

3. Ryo Sakazaki- I may not like Ryo but, he deserves a spot on the list for for being in the First KOF tournament and busting up bad guys to save his sister However, ever since SNK re-did the time line I’m not sure anymore but, whatever.

2. Geese Howard- This guy is an ass, Kills Andy and Terry’s father and tries to become Immortal but, Terry kicks his ass twice finally killing him the second time.

1. Rugal Bernstein- Talk about a bad guy, made arms and still wanted more power, Died only to came back as Omega Rugal and was killed by his own evil powers. this guy was just made of pure evil.

And there you go, If you don’t like it I don’t care.

BIG Backloggery Comic Update 08-13-09

Alright, Time for a big Update I shall be typing Everyone who’s name is in the comic and their name (if available) and if your name is not on here or I left you out on the credits please PM on backlog or leave a comment on this blog:

First the staff:

Writer:  Capt. Herlock  (With help from Loco, NewGenious and Derkomai)

Artist: Eltipejoloco


Paperlink: Paper

Sobou (thorbou)

Gendo7:  Gendo

Noi: Crazy Ninja

Johnct311: John the robot

Thrallia: Evil billionaire guy

EiuPaladin356: Everyman Corps Member 356

ierebus: Everyman Corps Member 380

Drumble: Captain Drumble the game master?

Lyndis: Lyndis?

Dystorce: Dan

Try4ce: Try

MinhTgreenT: Minty

Worlddude: Takeovertheworlddude

ResidentEmo: Wonderemo

Stuffedge: General Stuffedge

Endaso: Robots

polymetrica (kibou): Robots

Derkomai: Derk von Wolfenburg

Metman: Evil Aquaman

bulfin: Metman’s boy sidekick

NewGenious: NG

Xavean: Everyman Corps Member 1

Charles_Black: Cameo appearance

Amyawesome7: cameo

Belmontheir: Backlog Yellow

Ashen: Backlog Red

Mokujinjitsu: Backlog Black

Meimi: The Evil Meimi

Sainttweeter: tweeter the robot

Saix_xiii: Saix

Captain Quincy: Quincy

Eltipejoloco: Loco

Capt. Herlock: Herlock


Like I said before if your name isn’t in here and it should be contact me through backlog or the comments on here

Backloggery Comic Update 07-24-09

The New sketches are up


Top Left:Lyndis, Top Right:Gendo, Bottom left:Derkomai, Bottom Right:King Beetle

Lyn will have to be re-designed due to technical problems loco was having streaming while drawing so that will be the next thing to do.

Wanna be in the Backloggery Comic?

I have gotten to the point now to where I’m looking for other backloggers to be in the comic. If your interested drop me a line in the comments section below of visit my Backlog

Backloggery comic update 07-11-09

A few more sketches

Thorbou and Paperlink

Thorbou and Paperlink

Drum(left) and Try (right)

Drum(left) and Try (right)

Endaso and Kibou bots with noi

Endaso and Kibou bots with noi

Thanks Loco!