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Herlock- Top 5 Underrated comics of the New 52

Right off the bat I’ll say I don’t read all the of the new 52 from DC so don’t get bent out of shape if your favorite comic is not the list. This is a ┬álist of comics I feel are the most overlooked out of the new 52 and need as much attention as possible to avoid being cancelled. Continue reading ‘Herlock- Top 5 Underrated comics of the New 52’


Why the Dreamcast is the best system ever.

The last Hardcore system?

The last Hardcore system?

To clear things up, I am not saying the new systems are bad.When I think of the my favorite times playing games I think back to the time I had my Dreamcast and playing Marvel vs Capcom 1 and Sonic Shuffle(say what you want about Sonic Shuffle, but I had fun). The Dreamcast was a system for the Hardcore and the casuals (grunts) with the excellent 2K series for sports fans and 2d fighters for fighting fans.Here is a list of Dreamcast games that even though I did not enjoy doesn’t mean they suck:
Chu Chu Rocket.

Actually, I think that is the only Dreamcast I couldn’t get into.

Anyway, I feel the console market is just too mainstream for any cool niche games cause all companies are to busy looking for the next Halo or Gears which is not a bad thing but, it shows how lazy we are now at games. We don’t like to take risks anymore, the new business strategy is if one thing is good clone it and make more money until we are sick of it. After playing Gears of War 2 I wondered how long I would be able to enjoy this, Horde was pretty cool but, you can only play horde for so long before it just gets tiresome. I don’t hate gears or Halo I’m just sick of shooters that is all we make anymore!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Dreamcast had the most variety out of any system I have ever owned and I don’t think there will ever be another one like it.